The ‘TUA – The Unexpected Artrepreneur’ is a new European project aiming to use visual art to create inclusive and equal learning environments.

The project will develop a specialized curriculum and training focused on teaching visual art, entrepreneurship and their intersection to young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Down Syndrome (DS). It will also address this topic by providing long-term skills in self-expression, social innovation and social participation thus facilitating greater inclusion in education and society.

More specifically, the project will create a curriculum on how to support young people with mental disabilities to become agents of social change through art, an interactive e-learning platform to support professionals and youth with mental disabilities, and an interactive toolkit aimed at teaching young people accessible concepts about art and social entrepreneurship.

The expected outcomes include promoting social inclusion, improving outreach to marginalized youth, developing inclusive learning environments and curricula, increasing the quality, innovation and recognition of work produced by young people with DS/ASD, and promoting active citizenship and initiative among young people.

The project’s focus on visual art and entrepreneurship aims to foster equity, equality, and respect, and promote diversity and inclusion in education, training and youth. By teaching marginalized youth to share their views and stories with the world ‘The Unexpected Artrepreneur’ seeks to reinforce common values and civic engagement and strengthen young people’s sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.

‘The Unexpected Artrepreneur’ promises to be a transformative project for these young people, their families and communities.

The project is implemented in Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal and Belgium by 6 organizations: CESIE, ARTIT Athens, Amazing Youth, CARDET, Aproximar and KMOP Policy Center.

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