Curriculum for professionals

The Curriculum on how to support young people with DS/ASD to become agents of social change through art is addressed to art and mental health professionals working with young people with DS/ASD. It includes modules like ‘Building the Capacity for Self-Reflection through Art’ and ‘Artistic Visual Communication for People with DS/ASD.

E-learning “Express Yourself” platform

This interactive digital platform consists of two spaces: a) Learning materials for professionals supporting young people with DS/ASD and b) the ‘Express Yourself’ digital platform (Applied education) for youth with mental health disabilities to communicate with one another, share ideas, and virtually display artworks to raise awareness and generate change for issues challenging them and the communities they represent.

Digital Toolkit

The Toolkit is an interactive guide that helps people with mental health disabilities understand the basics of art and social entrepreneurship. It’s a practical tool that they can use to express themselves and communicate with others in a meaningful way.