The challenge

Although mental health campaigns are common in the European Union, young people with ASD/DS often lack the necessary skills and tools to participate fully in society after finishing school. This can be due to difficulties in learning, such as struggling with communication skills and motivation. For example, individuals with DS may have trouble understanding speech and staying focused during learning activities. As a result, they may find it challenging to express themselves and engage with others.

The TUA project

TUA is driven by the need to develop curricula that can assist young people with mental disabilities, as well as the teachers, caregivers, youth workers, and healthcare professionals who support them. By addressing these challenges, we can work to reduce the overall marginalisation experienced by these individuals.

Our objectives

  • To promote social inclusion and improve outreach of marginalised youth.
  • To develop inclusive learning environments and curricula that foster equity, equality and respect.
  • To increase the quality, innovation and recognition of work produced by young people with DS/ASD.
  • To promote active citizenship among young people with mental disabilities and strengthen their sense of initiative in the regions they inhabit and broader contexts.

How will we achieve our goals?

  • By developing a curriculum on how to support young people with DS/ASD to become agents of social change through art.
  • By developing the Express Yourself Platform, an interactive e-learning platform consisting of (a) learning materials for professionals who support young people with DS/ASD, and (b) the ‘Express Yourself’ digital platform (Applied education) for young people with mental health disabilities.
  • By developing an interactive toolkit that teaches young people with ASD/DS about art and social entrepreneurship.